How to reclaim your morning and have some fun with your pre-school kids

Do you wonder why you never make it out of the house before lunch? It can be a challenge with babies and toddlers, but you can transform your mornings and get the chores done when you're back (with happy, sleepy ready-for-a-rest kids in tow). Just take 10 minutes to plan your escape route... 

  1. Sort out what you're going to wear the night before, including a spare top (in case the first one doesn't make it through breakfast).
  2. Pack your baby's bag (bottles, wipes, snacks, nappies, change of clothes etc.) the night before too, and leave it by the door so you can make a quick getaway.
  3. If your partner is around in the morning, grab 10 mins to shower and dress before they leave the house.
  4. After breakfast just go! Whatever the state of the house, it can wait until you get home.
  5. Relax and enjoy...a stroll around a shopping centre (full of bright lights and new sights for babies and toddlers. A ride up the escalator or a go in the lift can be made into an adventure). A tour of a local museum or gallery (oh-so-quiet and peaceful during term time with lots to point out as you go). A trip to the local library for a story, a walk round the park. All for free, all fabulously relaxing.